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is it just me or do you think it’d be helpful if they showed a model in the size you were looking for when you’re trying to shop online, like yes that looks great in size small but what about the other sizes 


Cheat Sheet. If you’re going to bring roses, make sure to bring the right color.


Cheat Sheet. If you’re going to bring roses, make sure to bring the right color.



When Marnie Was There — Full Trailer

Video transcription:

Anna: In this world, there’s a magic circle that no one else can see. There’s an inside and outside to that circle, and I’m one of the outsiders. But that doesn’t matter. I… hate myself. 
Text: I’m waiting for you at that creek. Forever… 
Text: A work by director Hiromasa Yonebayashi 
Text: Omoide no Marnie (When Marnie Was There
Marnie: Are you OK? 
Anna: Yeah. 
Anna: Are you really a human? You look exactly like the girl who appeared in my dream… 
Marnie: Dream? This isn’t a dream. 
Marnie: Hey, please promise me. Let’s keep our friendship a secret. 
Anna: Yeah. It’s a secret. Forever. 
Text: I love you so much. 
Anna: Marnie… That’s too cruel! 
Marnie: Anna! My beloved Anna! 
Anna: Why did you leave me!? Why did you betray me!? 
Marnie: Anna, please! Please tell me you forgive me! 
Anna: Of course I forgive you! I like you! Marnie! 
Text: Omoide no Marnie: When Marnie Was There

The video features the film’s main theme song, “Fine on the Outside” by Priscilla Ahn. Premiere on Japan July 19.

im glad someone translated this and confirmed its Gay As Fuck



"Your hopes have become my burden. 
                       I will find my own liberation…”

I thought this was going to be one of those stupid long posts but this is beautiful


monet’s water lily pond at giverny

gif request - for madohomucifer
↳ Mikasa or Satsuki


i did these ages ago but yh i’m really failing in school because all i do is draw patterns all over my hands and arms


"why is there so much gay in the DMMD tag?!"

now you know, and it’s aaallll canon.


Baptised in dirty water